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How many devices can it be used on?

If you pay with TxThinking Pay, you can use your account on 3 devices. If you pay via iOS/Google Play in-app purchase, you can only use it on your paid device. We recommend that you abide by this agreement, otherwise you will encounter many problems and we may cancel the cooperation with you.

May need to restart the browser

On desktop, when you start Shiliew, if you feel that the proxy is not effective, you can try to restart the browser.

May need to reconnect after network changes

You may need to reconnect after network changes.

Windows Security Virus & threat protection

Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> manage settings -> Exclusions -> Add or remove exclusions -> Add an exclusion -> File -> Select Shiliew.exe

Regarding pirated content or protocols

Regarding pirated content or network protocols such as BT, your account may be banned. This is the terms of the upstream server provider.

If auto select does not work for you

Manually choose the server which works for you

If you don't have a non-China Apple ID

Ask a friend to borrow a foreign account; buy one from Taobao; find someone on Taobao to help you register one.

If you are in China, recommend auto select. And Risk Control Mechanism in Mainland China

Doing your best to provide stability is an important feature of Shiliew, which frees you from having to spend your energy and time choosing nodes, so you can spend your energy and time creating your own value in your own work life . This also means that the cost is also high, so users in mainland China who use downloaders, high-traffic network disks, speed measurement and other users who occupy bandwidth for a long time, as well as politically sensitive, pirated moviesites, BT, etc. will cause upstream service providers to block, we will Isolate you to the ordinary line, the first-level risk control isolation until 13:00 tomorrow, the second-level risk control isolation until the end of the month, which means that the built-in automatic optimal selection algorithm will not provide you with services, of course, you can still choose the node yourself . If this continues, your account will be banned and your unused time will be refunded.

How the Shiliew GUI works

How the Shiliew GUI works

Shiliew GUI 工作原理

Shiliew GUI 工作原理